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Follow us to a journey of exploration. We have guided free tutorials and recipes, taught by professionals, for homemade craft and delicacies.


Scents Making Tutorial

Scents Exploration

Creating your own scents can be a fun and rewarding experience, whether you want to make perfumes, essential oil blends, or scented products like candles and soaps. Come and join us to  make your learning jorney fun and exciting.  

Soap Making Tutorial

Soap Making

Let us guide you to make soap that is nourishing, moisturizing that you cannot get it from the commercial market. All the soap will be made using soap base or cold press or even more challenging methods. Crafters will be learnt more techniques on crafting their soap.

Resin Art Tutorial 

Resin Art 

Resin art is a popular form of art that involves using epoxy resin to create beautiful and unique pieces. The process can be both rewarding and enjoyable, but it requires some knowledge and practice to achieve desirable results. Over here, we have basic guide to get you started, and if you are more interested on learning resin art come and join us!

Deicacies Tutorial

Traditional Delicacies Tutorial

Traditional delicacies often hold a special place in cultural heritage and can bring a sense of nostalgia and joy. The specific delicacies vary greatly from one culture to another. As our society progresses, the skill of making traditional delicacies will soon be lost. Catch up the memories and skill with us! 

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