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Our Workshops

Handmade Non-Bake Mooncake Workshop

While the limelight is shed on creative combinations and exotic flavours from hotels, restaurants and bakeries, handmade ones are still the heartiest choice to fill our tummies apart from being extravagant gifts.

Handmade Non-Bake Cheese Cake Workshop

Ever tried baking but failed or dreaded the fuss to whip up mouth-watering desserts? You can free your kitchen from the mess created by scatters of sugar, flour and ingredients this time round. With the hot and humid weather in Singapore, the hot kitchen is sometimes the last place anyone wants to be in.That’s when a Non-Bake Cheese Cake can satisfy your dessert cravings.

Handmade Sweet Nyonya Rice Dumpling Workshop

New-fangled flavours tantalise our taste buds every year during Dragon Boat Festival, but traditional dumplings bring a tinge of homely nostalgic comfort to the heart. Besides the classical Hokkien’s and Cantonese’s savoury dumplings, Sweet Nyonya Dumpling is the go-to for satisfying sweet tooth’s cravings.

OTHER Trendy Delicacies Workshop

Seen, bought and tasted traditional and trendy goodies? Handmade ones go beyond being delicious! This workshop allows you to learn and appreciate how some representatives of traditional and trendy delights are made. A chance to up your culinary skills and let handmade food touch the hearts of your loved ones.

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Popular Delicacies Workshop 


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Trendy Delicacies Workshop


Happy Customers

My Company took part in the traditional dumpling workshop. I never knew that wrapping the dumpling is a skill. I took a few practise and with the trainer coaching, I finally able to wrap a dumpling on my own.

I will make sure I finish every single bit of the dumpling next time I buy.

Candy Soo

My  10 yearold daughter took part in a delicacy workshop. As the princess of the family, I was shocked to see her digging out the baking tools to make a cupcake.

I never regret signing her up for the workshop.

- John Chua

When I landed in Singapore, it was the lantern festival. From the internet, I learnt about the mooncake making for this festival. Me and my wife sign up for this workshop. 

The cake taste good. The next day when I present the cake to my superior. He was delighted. 

- Peter Johnson

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