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Assorted Preserved Flower Resin Coaster


Rosy Paper Weight


Chrysanthemum Resin Coaster


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Key Chain Resin Workshop

Polymer Clay Angry Bird

Key Chain Resin

Month of October, December & January

Suitable for corporate event, team bonding for family and friends.

Photo Frame Resin

Insert an image of your love one into this resin photo frame.


Suitable for this coming season !

Our Resin Art Workshop

Participants will be taught by our Resin art expert, to use a runny chemical called Epoxy Resin to combine with various colour pigments and additives to produce a blend of unique patterns and textures. The Resin mixture gradually hardens to the desired shape and form. 

Most Beautiful Decorative Resin Workshop

Handmade your desired decorative resin in our workshop with all the necessary materials !

Amazing Resin Decorative Workshop

Preserved Flower Resin making of your desired design from a novice !

Professional Resin Decorative Workshop

Kicking off as a novice to develop as a real professional in resin decorative !

Want to Be A

Professional Artist

Join our workshop, and discover your talent.