Natural Lip Balm Making Workshop

All Materials Inclusive

Duration: 1-2hrs


Lip Balm

About Our Lip Balm Making Workshop

Participants will learn to make Lip Balm using natural oil and wax. The Lip Balm handmade will be biodegradable and non-toxic and is made free from cruelty. It is safe to use on all ages including kids. 

Participants who took part in the workshop would have a better understanding of the details the entire process and all the ingredients used. They will be able to choose the right Lip Balm for themselves on the shelf.

Online participants need to prepare their own equipment. 

  • wamer/double boiler
  • themometer
  • stirrer
  • weighing scale



Lovely Organic Lip Balm Workshop

Participation of hundreds @2019 <Walking In SunShine>

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