A better way to learn, enrich & to unlock your potential.  

Our enrichment programs cover a few categories from academic, art, cosmetic and other life skills, all are taught by qualified professionals.

All our programs enable participants to realize their potential in a variety of settings beyond the classroom.  Participants will develop a sense of self-awareness; this enables them to learn how to apply their gifts and skills to make a positive impact and success in school and in life. Learn how we do it today!

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Enrichment Courses

Our Enrichment Programs cater to toddlers as young as 3 years old to senior citizen. 

All participants will gain the knowledge as a novice and will learn a life skill for life!

Soap Crafting Workshop

Natural Handmade Soap Crafting Workshop is designated to cater for individual or group team-bonding to create captivating handmade soap bars of various designs.

Participants will master all necessary techniques to  handmade soap crafting.

Suitable for ALL ages !

Traditional & Mouth-Watering Delicacies Workshop

Having seen, bought and tasted traditional and trendy goodies? Handmade ones go beyond being delicious! This Delicacies Workshop allows you to learn and appreciate how some representatives of traditional and trendy delights are made. A chance to up your culinary skills and allows handmade food touch the hearts of your loved ones.

Handmade Organic Lip Balm Workshop

Our Handmade Organic Lip Balm Workshop allows you to make your own characterized lip balm and customize its favor. Most importantly, you can handmade your lip balm from 100% harmless and organic natural ingredients.

Acrylic Painting Workshop

Learn to paint with acrylic paint. We have Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Workshops. ALL ages are welcomed !

DIY Polymer Clay Workshop

Sculpturing figurines out of your own hands is a self -exploratory journey for creative expression. Suitable for ALL ages, our Polymer Clay Workshop allows you to hands-on making figurines, pen holders, photo frames and many more…

Academic Boosters

North Star Learning Factory is always ready to share our philosophy as one of the most well-known tuition centers in Bukit Panjang Estate.
Established for more than 15 years, we have not only gained trust and recognition from the residents of the estate, 100% Virtual Online Tuition Classes are well-received by numerous tutees island wide.

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<BOTH Physical & Virtual Lessons!> 

“Teaching is NEVER just about PASSION,

it is a ‘CALLING’ inside us!”

Handmade Shampoo & Bath Gel Workshop

Have a Personalised Unique Recipe for Your Daily Shampoo & Bath Gel

Making your desired Homemade Shampoo and Bath Gel for your hair and body care is easier than what you think. With our natural ingredients without harmful chemicals, you can DIY shampoo and your bath gel of your desired scent and colour.  Let the toxin free (Paraben Free & SLS Free) Handmade Shampoo and Bath Gel, welcome your daily wash-up time. This workshop is suitable for kids and can be specially tailored for adults too!

Handmade Aromatic Candle Workshop

Our Handmade Aromatic Candle Workshop allows you to handmade your own candle that carries your preferred scent, customized to your preference and lifestyle. Suitable for ALL ages, our improved candle recipe allows you to DIY candles from chemical free natural ingredients.

Moisturizing Lotion & Others Workshop

Our Personal Care Workshops aim at participants who are ready to look closer, go further and push themselves into the realm of professional skin care, and prepared themselves to handmade their own commercialized or characterized cosmetics.

Easy As 1…2…3…

Confused with all the ingredients to formulate your cosmetic products, or making your desired delicacies & others? Stress  Free! Just give us a tinkle @9182 2603 for further discussion!

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