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A better way to learn, enrich & to unlock your potential.  

Our enrichment programs cover a few categories from academic, art, cosmetic and other life skills, all are taught by qualified professionals.

All our programs enable participants to realize their potential in a variety of settings beyond the classroom.  Participants will develop a sense of self-awareness; this enables them to learn how to apply their gifts and skills to make a positive impact and success in school and in life. Learn how we do it today!

NORTH STAR LEARNING FACTORY (NSLF) has been established more than a decade, as an educational facility that provides learners of all ages with additional learning opportunities beyond what is offered in our existing curriculum in school.
NSLF provides Academic Enrichment, Tuition Classes and Academic Boosters, also well-known as ~ Bukit Panjang Tuition Class.

Soap Making

Learn how to make handmade soap in a fun and easy way using soap base. Participants will learn all the technique to craft a natural beauty soap .

Handmade Soap

Cold Press Soap

This workshop is for participants who wish to make their natural handmade soap, using the tradional method, saponification.

Suitable for participants 18 yrs and above.

Handmade Organic Lip Balm

Our Organic Lip Balm Workshop allows you to make your own characterized lip balm and customize its favor. Most importantly, you can handmade your lip balm from 100% harmless and organic natural ingredients.

DIY Polymer Clay

Sculpturing figurines out of your own hands is a self -exploratory journey for creative expression. Suitable for ALL ages, our Polymer Clay Workshop allows you to hands-on making figurines, pen holders, photo frames and many more…

Aromatic Candle

Our Handmade Aromatic Candle Workshop allows you to handmade your own candle that carries your preferred scent, customized to your preference and lifestyle. Suitable for ALL ages, our improved candle recipe allows you to DIY candles from chemical free natural ingredients.

Traditional & Mouth- Watering Delicacies

Seen, bought and tasted traditional and trendy goodies? Handmade ones go beyond being delicious! This Delicacies Workshop allows you to learn and appreciate how some representatives of traditional and trendy delights are made. A chance to up your culinary skills and allow handmade food touch the hearts of your loved ones.

Aromatic Hanger

Participants will be taught to use natural wax and essential oil to create the aromatic hanger to put in their closet. The aroma scent produce can improve a person health, it also give your clothing a pleasant aroma scent.  The main aspect is that it can help to kill bacteria and prevent fungus on your clothing.

Aroma Bath Bomb

Create a fizzy and bubbly bath bomb with our aroma bath bomb workshop. Participants will be taught to use natural oil and natural essential to create the unique bath bomb with aroma sense and aroma therapeutic effect.

Resin Art

Create your own attractive jewellery, stationery , household items with resin. Participants will be astomish to learn that their amazing creation is done by pouring!

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